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Lead strategic change with data-driven insights

Adding AI and automation takes change management to a whole new level.

In this on-demand session from the Association of Change Management Professionals Global Connect Change Management 2022 conference, Leslie Ottavi and Sheila Kyle of iTalent Digital with Kimberly Svendsen of Autodesk explore best practices garnered from experience on how to leverage technology, data, and artificial intelligence to provide a more seamless change management experience.

Learn how technology can be used to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to generate organizational change management reports by 91%
  • Improve change management capacity by 40% without increasing headcount
  • Reduce costs by 30% through the need for fewer resources
  • Improve stakeholder satisfaction by 4% or more
Leslie Ottavi, Kimberly Svendsen, Sheila Kyle
Disruptor Company of the Year Award 2021
Stevie Award 2020