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Lead change smarter, together.

ChaMa is the revolutionary cloud software that elevates change management mastery. 

Watch our on-demand video for an inside look at the software that's taking the change management space by storm!

change team using Chama change management software



This 5-minute video offers a sneak peek inside the innovative platform, which is compatible with any change management model or methodology you may be using and enables you to:

  • Analyze and manage change holistically across portfolios, programs and projects (no more piecing together information from individual initiatives to get an enterprise-wide view!) 
  • Listen, measure, and adapt to change to improve adoption while respecting the culture
  • Make better data-driven decisions to align with business priorities and strategic objectives

Change management is traditionally a siloed process. For the first time, advanced, AI-infused technology is available to enable change managers and enterprise leaders to break down those silos. It brings to life needed visibility across the enterprise with data, templates and configurability for better decision-making and accountability, as well as optimized business outcomes. Watch the video to see how you can elevate your change mastery!

Disruptor Company of the Year Award 2021
Stevie Award 2020