Chama wins Stevie for best new product of the year


Chama, the AI-enabled change management cloud software developed by iTalent Digital, was awarded in the Best New Product of the Year category by The Stevie® Awards for Women in Business.

Chama was selected from among more than 1,500 nominations from around the world. The judging panel noted its innovative and effective approach in solving a widespread problem among large- and medium-sized businesses.

"Chama is an innovative product that leverages latest technology trends to bring a single solution that tackles several change management challenges," noted the judges.

Enterprises normally have dozens if not hundreds of simultaneous change initiatives going on, all of which impact their people in different ways and to varying degrees. Normally, each department or organization reports the status to leadership independently, which gives a fragmented and often outdated picture of what is changing, who is impacted and by how much (saturation), and what is being done to get teams and individuals ready (readiness).

There could be dozens of projects happening at any moment, and before Chama, the only way to cobble together the whole picture was manually.

Chama uses AI-enabled technology to solve this problem. It is an intelligent, cloud-based platform that revolutionizes how companies drive and realize change by elevating change management from single-initiative level to enterprise level.

Chama is the only tool that delivers up-to-date, holistic, 360º visibility across all change initiatives, along different axes. Whereas traditional reporting is siloed by project, with Chama, all data is combined and analyzed on a single platform and sliced in myriad ways, including by role, region, department, status, and more.

Looking at initiatives holistically across the enterprise allows leadership to easily see what is changing, who is impacted and by how much, so they can make data-driven decisions that optimize the adoption of new technologies and processes to drive successful business outcomes.

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