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 By Renée La Londe, CEO & Founder, iTalent Digital

This week, iTalent Digital will be showcased at the Golden Bridge Awards ceremony for the gold medal conferred on me in the Tech Innovator of the Year | Cloud/SaaS category, in recognition of the three first-in-class SaaS products we have launched in the past year.

This award comes on the heels of each one of our three innovative SaaS products being named Best New Product of the Year by the Stevie® Awards for Women in Business.

In less than 12 months, iTalent Digital has launched products that have set a new standard for how work is done in three domains that touch businesses in every industry: talent acquisition, content sharing and change management.

This accomplishment was made possible by the coordinated effort of iTalent’s brilliant teams of engineers and subject matter experts around the world.

iTalent’s engineering centers of excellence were pivotal in our ability to deliver these innovations. I want to take this opportunity to express special thanks to Raju Kotha, who heads up our engineering center in Hyderabad; Dennis Vaughn, who leads our engineering center in Krakow; and Spencer Lu, who leads the engineering team for MojoRank from Silicon Valley.

I would also like to acknowledge the product leads whose deep expertise allowed them to create the perfect solution to a real need in their respective domains: Spencer Lu and Brion Lau for MojoHire (formerly MojoRank), the intelligent matching software for talent and jobs that matches the best talent with the perfect position immediately; Fred Walters for SmartConX (formerly Intelligent Content Syndication), the intelligent content-sharing technology that removes location and language barriers for online collaboration; and Leslie Ottavi for Chama, the intelligent change management software that presents a 360º, multi-faceted view of all change initiatives enterprise-wide for the first time ever.

Of course, we couldn’t have pulled this off without our accomplished account managers who have helped ensure a seamless and flawless deployment of all three solutions with some of the world’s leading enterprise clients. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Silvia Quintanilla, Peter Nguyen, Steven Wong, Kevin Yee, Maritza Quintanilla and Polo Crosbie for the excellent service they provide to our client partners every day.

Finally, I would like to express my deep appreciation for our clients, who are true partners for us. They have been our main cheerleaders and guides, coming along with us and helping us configure the products to ensure optimal efficacy and usability.

After 15 years as a cutting-edge IT consultancy and software engineering firm, launching our own SaaS products marks an important milestone in the evolution of our company. Changes of this magnitude are never easy to absorb, but every single team member at iTalent Digital has been unwavering in stepping up to the task.

It is impossible to name everyone individually, so I just want to re-emphasize that these accomplishments have been a company-wide effort, with all hands on deck. It is so exciting to see how far we have come. And we are only getting started in the SaaS space. We have a lot of big, exciting things coming around the corner!

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