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After trailblazing the knowledge management and digital collaboration space for more than a decade, iTalent Digital has launched its own digital platform devoted to providing expert advice on all questions related to optimizing and connecting the digital experience. 

The iTalent Community is a place where enterprises looking to improve CX through high-performing communities can go to learn best practices, get expert advice, and engage in interactive dialog with industry leaders. It is designed to be a central place where community and customer experience managers, administrators and developers can ask questions and collaborate with experts and peers about any matter related to customer self-service and assisted support. 

community-screenshotWe created this community to help professionals keep up with the dizzying pace of change in the customer service space. AI has been transforming CX ever since Amazon introduced its revolutionary intelligent recommendations engine 30 years ago. But now that generative AI has gone mainstream, the acceleration at which customer expectations are changing is mind-boggling. 

The iTalent Community enables CX professionals to understand and adopt new technologies and best practices faster than ever. 

We know that none of us is as smart as all of us, and therein lies the power of communities. Engaging with peers and experts on a secure, interactive, and specialized platform gives customer experience professionals instant access to resources and knowledge that would be very time-consuming to find on their own. 

If you want to implement or uplevel your digital community strategy, there is no better partner than iTalent Digital. As one of our enterprise customers put it:

“The integration, migration and platform support iTalent delivered was second to none – smooth, on time, and on budget. In fact, they were able to pick up the slack when another partner was not able to deliver their component as expected." 


There’s a new platform in town 

As we launch the iTalent Community, another exciting development is occurring in the customer engagement space: the general availability of Khoros’ next-generation online community management platform, Aurora 

Khoros launched Aurora to provide enterprises with powerful new tools and features to enable the configuration and management of their brand-owned digital channels faster, at a lower cost, and with more value for community members, managers and developers.  

The iTalent community is one of the very first communities built on Aurora. With more than a decade of partnership uniting us, iTalent a preferred Khoros technology partner for providing professional services and support to customers upgrading to Aurora.  

For Khoros customers considering whether, when or how to transition to Aurora, the iTalent Community provides best practices, expert advice, interactive dialog, and informative resources.  

Ecosystem of supporting capabilities 

Community members can also learn more about SmartConX, iTalent’s proprietary integration platform as a service (iPaaS). With SmartConX and its constellation of ConX services, the capabilities and integrations possible on Khoros are virtually endless. SmartConX makes integrations between Khoros and any other cloud platform (including CRMs, learning management systems, knowledge bases, Microsoft Teams, dynamic language translation, social media platforms, and much more) fast and easy. 

SmartConX integration platform as a service components, by iTalent Digital

iTalent’s Enterprise Community practice operates in a robust ecosystem of supporting practices and capabilities, including our BI, Data & Analytics, Personalization and Enterprise Search, and Change Management Practices. Learn about these practices and more by joining the community. 

If you have any questions about iTalent’s online community or our Enterprise Community Practice, contact me at 


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