iTalent recognized in Cisco's 2020 CSR Impact Report

Cisco supplier award iTalent Digital

iTalent Digital was featured in Cisco's 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Report in recognition of being selected for Cisco's Responsible Procurement Award. This new award builds upon Cisco’s previous award for diversity, and broadens it to recognize a supplier that shares and reflects Cisco's commitment to not only diversity, but overall corporate social responsibility, while at the same time delivering high value and customer satisfaction combined with strong capabilities, continuous innovation, high ethical standards and low risk.

“This recognition is especially meaningful because iTalent Digital places a high value on serving our customers in a context of genuine partnership while staying focused on how our innovations contribute to the greater good,” said iTalent Digital CEO and Founder Renée La Londe. “We are fortunate to partner with a company like Cisco that shares our commitment to corporate social responsibility and diversity.”

Among the achievements highlighted by the awards committee were iTalent Digital’s founding sponsorship of GLAM (Girls Leadership Academy Meetup), a nonprofit devoted to equipping girls across the globe with the skills and confidence to seek leadership roles, as well as the company’s partnership with the Kodada Institute of Technology and Science, an all-women engineering school in India.

The awards committee also noted that iTalent Digital has the highest overall ranking of U.S. contingent workforce diversity provided to Cisco.



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