Chama change management software earns iTalent Digital the title Disruptor Company of the Year

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Chama® change management cloud software has earned iTalent Digital “Disruptor Company of the Year” status by the Globee® Awards, organizers of the world's premier business awards programs and business ranking lists.

When the magnitude and pace of change outpace companies’ ability to adapt, disruptive technologies are needed to re-invent the way things are done, because legacy methods and systems simply can’t keep up. This is where Chama comes in.

“One thing I hear from everyone – all functions from leadership to engineers – is, ‘There are so many changes, and I am so tired,’” says Leslie Ottavi, Chief Transformation Officer and Chama Product Lead at iTalent Digital.

Thanks to Chama, AI-driven technology is now available to allow leaders and change agents to make sense of all the change happening in and around their organizations. For the first time, orchestrating strategic change is managed on one sophisticated platform – no more manually cobbling together different reports created using different methods and templates.

Now, you can drill down and get actionable insights on everything going on with a click of your computer mouse.

Transformation Acceleration Change Manager Aaron Stroud noted, “Before Chama, we were using tools like Excel and Smartsheets to track our change initiatives, which can get wieldy when you manage so much data. Now that we have Chama, our transformation managers are super excited. They’re like, oh my gosh, I’ve needed this tool forever!”

iTalent Digital’s being named “Disruptor Company of the Year” based on Chama’s technology is a nod to our success in enabling companies to lead change smarter. To get a sneak peek into this intelligent cloud software and see how you can begin to “change smarter, not harder,” click here to access a 5-minute demo video showing the key features and functionalities of Chama.


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