How Chama helped a global enterprise uplevel change management

enterprise change managers using Chama software - iTalent Digital blogIn today's fast-changing marketplace, companies must pivot quickly and continually adopt new technologies and processes to adjust to their evolving environment. Medium-sized businesses and enterprises routinely have dozens of cross-functional transformation initiatives in flight at any given time.

These often have overlapping impacts on users, with some users being asked to change or upgrade several different technologies and processes at the same time. While each program has clear merit, the challenge is getting the users to successfully adopt them all simultaneously without disrupting their regular work, a task whose difficulty grows geometrically with each new initiative added.

Faced with this reality, a multibillion-dollar company with more than 50,000 employees globally chose to implement Chama, the intelligent cloud software that revolutionizes how companies drive and realize change by elevating change management from single-project level to enterprise level.

Before Chama, the company managed change as most organizations do: by project, by program and/or by portfolio. This is by nature a siloed structure where the project managers have little visibility into the change initiatives being deployed outside of their jurisdictions, which gives leadership a piecemeal perspective of the programs underway.

Enterprise leadership chose Chama because it is the only tool that delivers up-to-date, holistic, 360º visibility across all projects, along different axes. Rather than reporting status just by project, with Chama, all data is combined and analyzed on a single platform and sliced in myriad ways, including by role, region, process, status, and more.

Looking at initiatives holistically across the enterprise allows leadership to easily see what is changing, who is impacted and by how much, so they can make data-driven decisions that optimize the adoption of new technologies and processes to drive successful business outcomes.

"This tool has been great because it has allowed us to be able to slice and dice information in a very easy way – and to be able to use it," affirmed the company's director of transformation acceleration.

The enterprise-wide views Chama delivers make it clear where there is too much change saturation for effective adoption, allowing management to adjust and optimize program delivery.

Chama has allowed managers to pivot their focus from

—Projects to people

—Capabilities to user impacts

—Project-level to holistic portfolio (enterprise-level)

—Project-driven to data-driven change management

Considering the benefits the enterprise has enjoyed since implementing Chama, the director of transformation acceleration remarked, "It's been a game-changer for us."

Read the full case study for more details on how Chama helped them optimize their program adoption rates and improve the ROI on their technology investments. For more information about Chama's features and benefits, visit our website at

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