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For the second time this year, iTalent Digital was named Disruptor Company of the Year by the Globee® Awards, this time in the Information Technology Cloud/SaaS category for SmartConX (previously known as Intelligent Content Syndication). These prestigious global awards recognize disruptive technologies and innovative solutions that are transforming consumer and enterprise experiences.

This award is meaningful, as we have developed a solution that many of us in the high-tech industry have struggled with since the beginning of the Digital Age: the seamless integration of systems and applications. I have used the term “porpoising” for 30 years, since my time at Apple in the early 90s.

My definition of porpoising is when users are required to “jump” from one application or system to another to complete a task. In the past we addressed this challenge by developing a customized integration, and before long we had numerous one-off complex integrations that created an untenable support burden, a fragile environment, and an inhibitor to delivering tailored solutions in an agile fashion due to the complexity of the environment.

We have created SmartConX to reduce costs, complexity, and time-to-value, while at the same time delivering a better and more seamless workflow and customer experience – no matter what systems are employed.

SmartConX is an intelligent integration-as-a-service platform that allows companies to perform a wide range of complex integrations in a cost-effective manner while accelerating the time to value and vastly improving the user experience by “Connecting the Digital Experience.” This cloud solution facilitates seamless integrations in order to connect people, content, and expertise in new ways.

Deep integrations tend to be complex, expensive, and treated as one-off projects. SmartConX optimizes, streamlines, and automates all of the foundational elements of the integration so different platforms can be effortlessly connected, without adding to the complexity of unique or fragile systems configurations or customizations.

We could not be more proud of this recognition, which is a nod to our amazing DevOps team, led by our Chief Technology Officer, Raju Kotha, who listens to our customers and delivers groundbreaking solutions to solve their most pressing customer experience challenges.

In addition to the SmartConX solution itself, iTalent Digital offers pre-built connectors that plug into SmartConX and deliver a fast, robust and cost-efficient integration of a wide range of systems and platforms. These include:

  • CommunityConX interconnects online communities

  • SocialConX interconnects third-party social platforms like Facebook or Reddit to enterprise cloud properties, including online communities

  • CollaborationConX interconnects collaboration applications like Slack and Teams with other cloud systems

  • ContentConX interconnects content repositories such as Google Docs, Sharepoint and Box with other online properties

  • LanguageConX dynamically translates and surfaces content in multiple languages in near-real time

  • ArchiveConX automates the process of archiving outdated content

  • SearchConX adds highly customizable indexing and accessing capabilities (including role-based search) to your enterprise search applications

  • ProductConX allows valuable and relevant content to surface inside your product environment

  • MigrationConX automates and streamlines the process of migrating content from one platform to another

  • CustomConX delivers your own custom ConX Service for connecting any cloud-based application or system according to your specifications

  • CrossConX effortlessly links different ConX Services together based on your own unique requirements

For more details about how SmartConX works and to see a case study, visit the SmartConX web page or contact us at

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