How to create a relevant and effortless customer experience through intelligent mass personalization

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For global IT companies, time is of the essence: when IT professionals have a security issue, they need the right information, right away. In order to connect and empower IT professionals with the information they need, the moment they need it, online communities and web properties are indispensable for giving customers 24/7 access to self-service support.

Here are some specific examples of how a number of our global technology clients of iTalent Digital and Coveo have delivered relevant and personalized experiences at scale through their online properties.

How to turn an online community into a 24/7 self-support platform

The Challenge: Turning a community into an easy-to-use “one-stop-shop” for all support content.

Getting to the right information right away can be a challenge when the service and support resources reside across disparate platforms. Most companies have customer support assets in different repositories, including their community, tech support portal, corporate website, contact center and employee intranet.

They need a way to surface the most relevant content for each user no matter where it resides, and present it in a way that will be of most value to each person’s unique situation – regardless of the platform where the search is conducted.

“Having customer support assets spread across a number of repositories results in a sub-optimal support experience and increased time to resolution (or in some cases, no resolution) for customers – unless you are able to unlock the value of the knowledge and surface it where the user chooses to be. Coveo is a solution that does just that, with a powerful AI and machine learning engine that drives highly personalized content where the users choose to search.”
– Brion Lau, VP of Technology Partnerships,
iTalent Digital.

AI-powered digital communities as a gateway to unified content

The Solution: Leverage digital communities as part of an integrated, intelligent self-service strategy, and enable machine learning to personalize the customer experience.

Connecting content sources into a single index and applying machine learning to the user data and behavioral history enables companies to deliver personalized search results, recommend different search queries, and suggest other relevant content and resources based on each user’s role, context, and search intent.

This AI-powered “insight engine” learns from every user’s click, search query, and interaction to better understand each one and do a better job of predicting what they want in order to deliver the right answer to them on demand. This intelligence informs not only which content is surfaced, but in what order and how it is arranged on the screen.

And, since the content repositories are tied together seamlessly, all of the assets can be leveraged to the benefit of the customer, no matter where they are looking for it. For example, a customer searching on a company’s online community can search for content anywhere it exists within the company’s various properties: website, support portal, community, or knowledge base.

Customers no longer need to know where the content resides, since this solution does the heavy lifting to surface the right solution for them. In the event a support ticket is opened, this solution further integrates with the customer support service desk to supply support agents with better insights into the customer’s experience, resulting in faster resolution times and higher customer satisfaction.

How AI-powered search & recommendations improve customer satisfaction metrics

Results: Delighting customers is good business and results in improvements for many key performance indicators.

Here’s a sampling of some results our global IT clients have reaped from our customized deployment of Coveo technology, all within the first 12 months:

  • Website utilization increased more than 400%

  • Almost 60% of successful online community searches are powered by machine learning

  • More than $50,000 cost savings per month due to case deflection

  • Click-through rates on search results doubled from 27% to over 60%

  • Query recommendations jumped from 14% to 32%

  • Highly relevant recommendations delivered to users based on the past behavior of themselves and the broader body of users, proactively (without their having to search)

  • Better metrics for more intelligent decision-making: they now see a 360º view of the customers by tracking their journeys across multiple properties

Mike LaStella, manager of online services at a leading network security provider, said, “The close collaboration and partnership between Coveo and iTalent Digital was evident, and was demonstrated by a smooth delivery of an on-time, on-budget implementation.”

In conclusion, by joining forces with Coveo, we are able to apply our deep knowledge of our customers’ business, as well as of platforms like Khoros and SFDC (, to deliver novel, tailor-made solutions, resulting in a more personalized experience for the thousands of customers served by our clients, not to mention significant cost savings for the companies themselves.

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