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A hidden gem as a part of the analytics offering in the Khoros Care and ACM (Accelerated Community Management) product suite is a feature called Monitor Walls. While there are way too many analytics features and benefits to discuss here, I want to focus on how this Monitor Wall capability can help you democratize data across your organization and specifically among community stakeholders.

Most any enterprise software tool has to come to the table with native analytics functionality. That is no secret or surprise. The inherent problem that inevitably arises is how this information gets exchanged and disseminated across an organization. Usually, there only only a few individuals (and often just one person) who has the keys to this data. Hence, we sometimes refer to this problem as a locked data silo. Nearly every enterprise software solution suffers from this limitation.

Enter Khoros Monitor Walls

Monitor Walls are uniquely different in two primary ways: shareability and customization. Let's take a look at each of these areas.

Sharing is caring

By using drag-and-drop tools to build a set of visual analytics and then clicking on the “publish” button, a community manager can share real-time data to anyone with a browser and internet access. No user login, no user license, and no authentication are needed to access this data. If you are concerned about data privacy and protection, you can choose to password-protect the monitor wall and share out the password to the select individuals you want to share the data with. This is quite powerful with many use cases, for example:

  • Sharing out key moderation and agent metrics with leaderboards to an agent work area with visible monitors
  • Engagement command and control center for large enterprise social media and community teams
  • Providing executives with real-time data access without the need to push outdated PDF or presentation slides

Customization and branding

Khoros Monitor Walls has some pretty nifty customization tricks up its sleeve to make sure the Monitor Wall reflects more of a branded set of data visualizations over a locked vendor UX data experience. Utilizing custom backgrounds, colors and corporate logos provides that bit of extra "pop" that makes Monitor Walls feel highly tailored to the branded experience.

Leveraging multiple Monitor Walls across different audiences provides the ability to push the right set of data to the right stakeholders. And since it's a real-time data view, you don't have to worry about outdated or stale data that is often the case when "exporting" analytics out of a data silo.

Interested in leveraging the power of Monitor Walls across your organization? iTalent Digital is one of Khoros’s most established and capable global technology partners. We have established a Wichita Community Management Center of Excellence and a Hyderabad Engineering and Quality Assurance Center of Excellence focused on a Khoros specific practice to deliver the highest quality outcomes for our joint customers. iTalent’s innovative work on the Khoros platform has earned us more than 20 industry awards.

iTalent’s work with Khoros is supported by our Data Transformation and Business Intelligence practice to convert your data into a competitive advantage with cutting-edge data science expertise combined with world-class agile and DevOps practices.

Contact us at khoros@italentdigital.com to get more value from your Khoros community platform.

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