Don’t get lost in translation: How to make multilingual marketing easy

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As the world moves towards greater globalization, marketing globally across multiple languages is more important than ever. English speakers accounted for only about 25% of internet users in 2017.

In order to reach 80% of the world’s internet users, more than 10 languages are needed. But if you have ever tried to deploy multi-lingual, multi-cultural campaigns, you’ve undoubtedly encountered some challenges. The good news is, they can be overcome.

Language translation is the final frontier in marketing automation and personalization. Many other aspects of marketing have been digitized and automated, which has made reaching diverse audiences across the globe easier, cheaper and more scalable. But unless marketing content translation and cultural adaptation are also automated, they risk slowing down campaign roll-outs and hindering sales.

The most burdensome aspects of content translation and adaptation cited by global companies include the onerous cost and slow turnaround times of translation, the difficulty of managing multiple translation suppliers, ensuring the quality of content, and confirming that key messages are consistently carried through each language.

A single campaign deployed across multiple markets means that simultaneous launches can be cumbersome to coordinate from a project management perspective, which may result in hold-ups in the overall rollout and a negative impact on sales.

Bursting through the language barrier

These challenges can now be overcome with iTalent Digital’s LanguageConX translation connector for Oracle Eloqua. Oracle Marketing Cloud customers can now easily translate and incorporate multilingual content into their campaigns, saving time, increasing speed to market and saving cost, all while maintaining the consistency of brand communications across the globe.

Powered by Lingotek’s robust cloud-based translation network, content can be translated into any language with a customized mix of machine and human translators, all seamlessly within Eloqua. There is no need to leave Eloqua to interact with translators or re-incorporate converted content; everything is integrated seamlessly.

The days of exporting content from the marketing platform, sending it via email, or tracking the marketing content translation manually are over.

Enhancing engagement through a customized experience

Content personalization is a powerful way to build customer loyalty. iTalent Digital’s LanguageConX translation connector for Eloqua allows automated communication sent from Eloqua to be deployed in local languages. Someone who signs up for a newsletter or opts in to content will see the confirmation message or email in their own language.

Emails, landing pages, contact forms and other elements are easily deployed in multiple languages, which enhances the customer experience and strengthens their relationship with your brand.

Benefits of managing content translation within Eloqua

  • Save training and licensing fees. Translators can rebuild emails, landing pages and forms simply by completing a translation. Lingotek rebuilds each translated asset behind the scenes.

  • Reduce administrative costs. You can manage translation for many languages within a single Oracle Eloqua application.

  • Reach a wide client base. Display content in a user’s native language with a built-in language switcher.

  • Significantly reduce costs and time to market with community-based translation.

  • Save overhead costs. Automate most of the project management process with a Lingotek workflow; choose default assignees, languages, and more.

  • Get convenient follow-up. Automatic email alerts notify the next assignee when a task is ready.

  • Translate into new languages. Easily translate your site into new languages by adding the desired language to your site.

  • Enjoy quality and cost-effectiveness. Based on needs and cost, choose the type and level of content translation you need, anywhere on the spectrum spanning machine, crowdsourced and professional translations.

The global village is your audience

By automating and streamlining the translation and management of multilingual content, LanguageConX simplifies and accelerates your global campaign management processes.

Not only is nothing lost in translation, but gains in productivity and sales are found through a quicker route to market. If you have ever thought, “If only I could quickly reproduce this successful campaign across regions or languages,” then the digitalization of language translation for global marketing campaigns is a solution worth considering.

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Note: This article was first published on Oracle's Modern Marketing Blog. 

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