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Have you ever felt lost in the labyrinth of information on a website, endlessly searching for that one piece of data you need? This all-too-common experience epitomizes the inefficiency of traditional search methods on many web properties.  

That is often akin to searching for a needle in a haystack - laborious, inefficient, and time-consuming. The lack of unified search can significantly impact user search experience and productivity. For businesses, this translates to more than just irritated users; it's about diminished customer engagement and lost opportunities.  

In this article, we explore the transformative power of intelligent unified search in revolutionizing the way internet users interact with web properties.

Features and benefits of AI-enabled unified search for websites 

The ability to navigate a sea of digital information swiftly and accurately is a necessity in today’s data-drenched world. AI-enabled unified search is at the forefront of this transformation, revolutionizing how we interact with web properties. Let's find out how this technology is changing the game, one feature at a time. 

Site search 

Imagine a world where your website's search function understands and anticipates your needs and serves up relevant information not only from your website but also any other connected data repositories, just as major search engines like Google and Bing do.

This is the reality of AI-enabled site search. It significantly improves site search functionality by offering as-you-type query suggestions, typo tolerance, and relevance-based result rankings.

This leads to an enhanced user experience characterized by efficiency and accuracy. It ensures users find exactly what they are looking for without having to wade through reams of irrelevant content. 

The example of a global cybersecurity company’s partnership with Coveo and iTalent Digital exemplifies the profound impact of this technology. Faced with the challenge of siloed data across various platforms, it implemented an intelligent unified search and personalization solution.

The results were nothing short of remarkable: a 50% support ticket deflection rate that translated to $2.5 million in savings within 18 months. This unified search approach streamlined the company’s customer support process while significantly improving the customer experience.

It was a demonstration of the power of intelligent search in transforming business operations and user interaction. 


Expertise locator 

Connecting with the right expertise quickly is crucial for finding the best solution. This is where the 'Expertise Locator' feature of unified search comes into play. 

It allows users to easily pinpoint expertise and specific skill sets within an organization or online community via a search interface.

For example, your company can have a dedicated page for employees or customers listing all available subject matter experts. The user can then search for assistance by department, area of expertise, position title, or any other relevant metric.

The expertise locator highlights relevant profiles based on the search criteria. Users can then view the profiles of the matched experts, read about their experiences and core competencies, and contact them directly. 

This functionality is a game changer, saving significant time and fostering collaboration by seamlessly connecting employees or customers with the needed experts. 

Multi-site search engine 

The ability to seamlessly search for relevant information across multiple sites and platforms is becoming increasingly important. The multi-site search engine capability of unified search addresses this need by offering users a comprehensive search experience across various digital properties.

This feature ensures users can access consistent and relevant search results from a single query, irrespective of whether they are navigating an online community, a technical library, or a support portal. This unified approach greatly enhances user convenience and ensures a cohesive and efficient search experience. 

A striking example of this in action is iTalent's multi-site search engine implementation for a global SaaS provider. By integrating Coveo-unified search across multiple platforms – including an online community of approximately 20,000 members, a knowledge hub, a tech support portal, and a product documentation library – iTalent significantly improved the post-sale customer experience.

The integration with Salesforce Service Cloud further streamlined the process, enabling customer care agents to resolve support issues more efficiently.  

This resulted in a dramatic increase in user engagement in the online community, evidenced by a 171% increase in total minutes online year over year, a 73% rise in total page views, and a substantial increase in average session duration to over 15 minutes.  

Dealer and partner portals 

The efficiency of information access is a key driver of success when it comes to dealer and partner relations.  

The introduction of advanced unified search capabilities in partner portals has revolutionized the way information is accessed and shared, leading to significantly improved collaboration and knowledge dissemination.

These sophisticated search systems go beyond merely locating documents; they provide contextually relevant and accurate answers specific to the person searching to facilitate a more interactive and intuitive user experience. 

The Coveo unified index maintains strict security and access permissions to make sure information remains secure while being easily accessible.  

Role-based search for Khoros community platform: an iTalent innovation 

iTalent Digital has pioneered an innovative feature for Coveo’s platform known as Role-Based Search, which marks a significant leap forward in personalized search technology.

This unique addition to Coveo’s unified search framework tailors search results and recommendations to each user based on their specific access permissions.

It represents a nuanced understanding of user roles within an organization and ensures search outcomes are not only relevant but also adhere to the access rights of the user. 

A human resource director who requires access to confidential personnel records, for instance, will receive search results including sensitive information that would be otherwise restricted to other personnel.

This role-based differentiation in search results is achieved by aligning search outputs with the permissions associated with a user’s authentication details. Such customization extends to setting up specific filters for different user roles. 

Role-based search brings in an added layer of customization and security to the user experience. It goes a long way in enhancing productivity and safeguarding sensitive information.  

How iTalent can help  

As you can see, intelligent unified search is a powerful tool that guides users to their destinations with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.  

iTalent, in collaboration with Coveo, is at the forefront of this transformative journey. By effectively bridging the gaps left by traditional search methods, we enhance user experiences and drive significant business outcomes, including increased engagement, time savings, and enhanced operational efficiency. 

If your organization is looking to elevate the user experience on its ecosystem of web properties, iTalent is your ideal partner.  

Reach out to us at to discover how intelligent unified search can revolutionize your digital strategy, creating a more engaging, efficient, and productive online environment. 

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