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AI is at the top of everyone’s minds, and the retail industry is no exception. AI is not just another tool for marketing to customers and enhancing CX; it’s a disruption of the space. Creating a unique, tailored experience for each customer at scale (mass personalization) has been the holy grail of the retail industry since the dawn of time. AI is now making this a reality for the first time. 

Not surprisingly, AI played a starring role in this year’s ShopTalk conference program in Las Vegas. In this article, I provide some highlights of what retail leaders discussed. 

The consumer (r)evolution 

We can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Personalization and convenience are now table stakes, not just competitive advantages. Retailers that can’t provide them will be left in the dust. 

Personalization and convenience are far from new. What’s new is the fact that AI is making this possible on a degree and scale not possible before. Innovation, agility, and the adoption of AI are not an option for retailers that want to remain top of mind and deliver extraordinary customer experiences. 

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Accelerating omnichannel strategies 

Omnichannel strategies built to reach the right customer at the right time with the right product at the right place and at the right price point have been evolving since just-in-time manufacturing was born in the early 1970s. 

Once again, AI is disrupting omnichannel campaigns with its ability to accurately predict when a specific person is ready for a certain product, and deliver it to them on the right platform at the right time. 

Data and platform silos have traditionally been impediments to true omnichannel experiences, but as customer expectations climb this type of repository dispersion is quickly becoming intolerable. Systems integrations and 360º customer insights are needed to deliver the seamless shopping experiences users have come to expect. 

No longer do customers want to come to retailers to get what they want – they want retailers to come to them by delivering information, products, and services wherever they may be, including third-party platforms like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. 

Data analytics and AI 

We all know that the quality of AI is directly tied to the quality of the data the models are trained on. So, data analytics and data integrity are very much at the heart of the retail industry’s strategy to personalize their interactions with customers. 

In particular, retailers are directing investments in data analytics to four key areas: 

1. Marketing and product recommendations 

By analyzing customer data, retailers can identify purchasing trends and preferences, which allows for the creation of targeted marketing strategies that resonate more deeply with consumers. 

Additionally, AI algorithms excel at making personalized product recommendations. By understanding individual customer behaviors and preferences and identifying patterns in the overall data picture, AI can suggest products that consumers are more likely to purchase. 

In fact, AI is getting so good at knowing what customers want that it is even starting to know more about what they want than the customers themselves do! How many times has Amazon or Netflix recommended something to you that you didn’t even know existed, then realized you loved it? 

2. Enhancing customer service 

AI plays a critical role in enhancing customer service. Chatbots powered by AI can handle routine customer inquiries without human intervention, offering quick responses to customers and freeing up staff to tackle more complex issues. 

Moreover, AI can help anticipate customer needs even before they arise, providing proactive customer service that can lead to higher satisfaction and loyalty. 


3. Operational efficiency 

One would be hard pressed to think of an aspect of operations where AI is not being used to set new standards in efficiency. The technology not only streamlines back-end processes but also enriches the front-end customer interactions, setting new standards for operational excellence. 

Retailers are applying AI to all of these areas to take efficiencies to new heights: 

  • Inventory management 
  • Supply chain optimization 
  • Pricing optimization 
  • Checkout and payment systems 
  • Sales forecasting and revenue management 
  • Loss prevention and fraud detection 
  • Labor management and workforce optimization 

4. AI readiness 

Before AI can effectively transform operations, ensuring the data is clean, integrated, and well-managed is crucial. This means collecting data comprehensively, integrating it across platforms to eliminate silos, and rigorously cleaning it to maintain high quality. Such meticulous data preparation allows AI systems to generate reliable insights that can meaningfully impact business decisions. 

A well-structured data governance strategy is vital, ensuring that data remains consistent and accurate but also secure and compliant with regulations. Understanding the maturity of your data management practices is key to leveraging AI's full potential. 

Do you know how your organization’s data management maturity stacks up against world-class maturity? Take our free online data management maturity assessment to find out! 


How iTalent can help 

With our proven technological expertise, agility and deep knowledge of the retail industry, iTalent Digital excels at helping you tailor and transform your digital operations for success in today's fast-changing market. Our world-class consultants collaborate with representatives at every level of your organization—from executive leadership to software developers to store associates—to plan, prioritize, manage and execute every aspect of your transformation. 

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